Module 4: Post 5

Andy Everson is an artist. He was taught by his mother how to paint and was inspired to bring stories and journeys to life through paint. He learned that he was able to create and manipulate shapes and images using digital programs and found that he got better control over what he produces. The designs could be tested and were more cost effective. This allowed him to become more independent and work at his own pace and preference. Andy posts on Facebook to share his art. He expressed that unlike galleries, he is able to get feedback and develop relationships through Facebook. Andy often manipulates popular images to spread messages. Some of these include changing the image of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team logo to show support, a anti-pipeline skull and oil drop image and a storm troopers helmet that has been adapted with traditional form line design. He uses these iconic images to juxtapose meaning and create an impact on topics that are important to his community and others around the world. Andy Everson has had a huge impact, having his images replicated and changed by others looking to use art as impact at protests and events around the world. These images are shared and spread because he uploads them on free digital forums such as Facebook. He is an excellent example of how you can use the digital age to spread a message that is true to your heart, without changing what you believe in.

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