Module 1 – Post 5: Stereotypes of Native Americans Website: Paul Waterlander

This site has lots of valuable information for educators looking for material on how negative stereotypes impact Indigenous/Settler relationships.  There is a mixture of resources from academic articles, to advice for teachers on how to look for, and properly handle, the issues of stereotypes in the classroom.

In my opinion, battling negative stereotypes is step #1 in creating an atmosphere of reconciliation in Canada.  Stereotypes can easily be the open door that leads to actual racist acts.  Stereotypes prevent positive relations to be built between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.

Non-Indigenous educators often lack the background that would allow them to address the issues of stereotyping and how it negatively impacts all those involved, but especially the Indigenous students in front of us.

One problem I saw on this site is that there are broken links to some of the information, meaning it needs an update.



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