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1.5 – Hōkūleʻa Educational Journey

This is one area that really interests me. I have recently come to know voyagers on Hōkūleʻa, a sailing canoe built on traditions of Hawaiian boat building culture.

Hōkūleʻa Homepage

To me, this project highlights some of the best ways that education and technology can work with an indigenous culture to express themselves, as well as build bridges to other cultures. The inclusive element of such a project is important as well. They share their worldview with others, and look to build connections in order to nurture conservation and environmentally sounds attitudes. This boat is coming to Bali in August, and I am exciting to visit them and meet the crew.

1.3 – The Role of Christianity and Education in Suppressing Polynesian Culture

The age of Imperialism certainly caused serious upheaval around the world. Natives globally underwent similar transformations as they were exposed to new technology and worldviews (in most cases, by force). Here are a couple links demonstrating that in the 18th Century Polynesians were subjected to a similar combination of doctrine and education as discussed in Marker’s paper, Borders and the Borderless Coastal Salish: decolonizing historiographies of Indigenous Schooling (2015):