Lecture Notes 2016/10/03

Today we’ll continue working on clustering of photos with a graph-based approach.

  • Here is a sample solution to our pagerank/clustering notes.
  • For next time, read Sections 4.5-4.6.
  • Complete the pre-class quiz before next time (by noon on Wed 5 Oct).
  • Don’t forget next Monday (10 Oct) is Thanksgiving. No lecture or tutorial that day. (We do have a quiz next week, but the Monday group’s quiz will be at the start of the following week. More details coming soon.)
  • Just for fun: If you’re looking for implementation challenges, make an open-source web-based app for one of the problems below and post a link to the app and the source on Piazza for 1 bonus point (for an individual making a good version) or 2 bonus points per person (for a team making a very good version). (Not sure what web-based system to use or where to write it? I’m enjoying using Meteor on Cloud 9.)
    • The user uploads a set of photos and then drags a slider (or otherwise adjusts the desired number of categories) to see the photos auto-categorized into groups. (Choose and implement some good similarity metric between photos.)
    • A CPSC 320 student uses the app to learn about the random walk definition of a graph node’s PageRank. The app shouldn’t (only?) simulate the random walk for the student, but rather help the student walk through the algorithm for the random walk and understand what results it produces. (In other words, one-up my clunky slips of paper!)

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