Lecture 2016/10/14

Today we continue our work on divide-and-conquer.

  • We continue to post blank and solved versions of the quizzes as they finish.
  • Don’t forget: quizzes on Monday in tutorial!
  • For Monday’s class, please read Section 5.4, plus the Master Theorem entry on Wikipedia.
  • No pre-class quiz for Monday. But if you don’t do the reading, you’ll wish you had. The Master Theorem will make your life so much easier!
  • There will be a midterm review session just after class today with Susanne and Raunak!
  • The midterm exam is coming soon (20 October). Check out our scheduling and room assignment information! Also, if you’re curious about little things like “am I allowed any notes in the exam”, you should really read the syllabus.
  • Unwind from the midterm with PageRank For Real with Susanne Fri 21 Oct 5-6PM near our lecture room (Swing 105); bonus points available!

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