Lecture 2016/10/17

Today we continue our work on divide-and-conquer.

  • The last blank and solved versions of the quizzes have been posted (or will pop up by classtime).
  • For Wednesday’s class, no new reading. Instead, review for the exam! However, if you want to get ahead, please read section 6.1 on the unbelievably awesome idea of memoization. (Trade polynomial memory for exponential speedup!)
  • The midterm exam is coming soon (20 October). Check out our scheduling and room assignment information! Also, if you’re curious about little things like “am I allowed any notes in the exam”, you should really read the syllabus.
  • Unwind from the midterm with PageRank For Real with Susanne Fri 21 Oct 5-6PM near our lecture room (Swing 105); bonus points available!

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