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Session 1 (1:40-2:40PM)

Groups in DMP


Avotecado (1)

Avotecado is a web application that helps residents keep track of municipal politics.

Using Avotecado’s political aggregation toolkit, users can follow elected officials, track how they vote on issues, and uncover voting patterns that can get lost in the daily news cycle.

The goal is to foster engagement beyond election cycles by making political data accessible, easy to understand, and free of spin.


CoHabs (2)

CoHabs is a web application that allows users to manage shared tasks, bills, and schedules among those living together under one roof.

Users can access data pertaining to their share of chores, how much they owe/are owed for utilities, or miscellaneous events like when their roommates are having friends over.


Good Cook Book (3)

The good cook book is a web application for users to browse cooking recipes, add their own, and review other recipes. To make finding recipes easier, users can filter the recipes based on things such as cuisine, difficulty level, and even ingredients needed to make the recipe.


Runtime (4)

Runtime helps users be more active by algorithmically scheduling runs, based on their preferences and Google Calendar events. It can show information on past runs and weather forecasts for future planning.


Swolr (5)

Swolr is a web application that introduces users to local gyms and personal trainers. It allows users to search for gyms and trainers based on preferences, book appointments with trainers, and leave reviews after their training sessions.


Way2Recycle (6)

Way2Recycle is a website which allows people to exchange second-hand goods. The users can upload their own items, as well as to browse others’ postings.


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GRDN (7)

GRDN is an app for managing your plants and gardens.

It includes a plant search with detailed data, plant storage and live weather data integration to serve notifications regarding plant wellbeing, so you can stop worrying and start growing.


GroupMeet (8)

GroupMeet is a tool to make group projects simple and organized. Schedule group meetings when everyone’s available, organize tasks, keep tabs on project progress, and more with GroupMeet!


Shortlist (9)

Shortlist is for job seekers who want to manage their job applications with ease. On their journey to finding their dream job, users can visually track interview dates, upload documents, and update the status of their job applications.


VanGo (10)

VanGo is an itinerary planner for locals and tourists who want to discover events and attractions in Vancouver. Users can find information on events and attractions, organize their plans, and save or share them to better explore the city.


RxOn (11)

RxOn is an online pharmacy platform that aims to simplify through digitalization the process of requesting and filling prescriptions. The basic functionality of a patient account includes uploading, requesting refills and viewing past prescriptions, while a pharmacy account has the ability to fill prescriptions, view all patients and view all existing prescriptions.


Session 2 (2:50-3:50PM)

Groups in DMP


Jean Around the World (1)

Jean Around the World is a web app that allows users to plan an adventure anywhere in the world. Select a location on the map, and we will provide an itinerary for you based on your preferences!


NBA Connect (2)

NBA Connect is a display of NBA news, stats, and match information altogether in an information hub for users. Our primary goal is to allow the user to personalize their own NBA viewing experience.


Wstore (3)

Wstore is contributing to build a local sale web application with better UI.

Wstore is an easy web application for users to post or view sales, housing and services.


Fresh (4)

Fresh is a crowd-sourced web platform which allows users to find and share amazing grocery prices. Shoppers can contribute new deals, rate, search and sort on reported deals, or save deals for shopping later!


Tagify (5)

Tagify is a third party web-app that allows a user to tag songs in his/her Spotify library. The user can then create dynamic playlists based on those tags.


DailyPlanner (6)

  • It will help with indecision — users will input their current ‘feelings’, availability, and the maximum distance they are willing to travel. Our app will then return a recommended ‘plan’ to that user
  • The ‘feelings’ that a user selects will be associated with some tag which we will use to lookup associated places.
  • This app will support users in making decisions about what to do.


Groups in ICCS


BCS degree navigator (7)

A degree navigator that allows students to track their progress through the UBC BCS degree.

Users enter the courses they have completed and are presented with a visualization of their progress.


A Million Dollar Project (8)

 A web application that makes bullet journaling flexible and easy to use, allowing users to organize their tasks in a more effective way for easier retrieval and access. It aims to help users keep track of their habits, sort their daily activities, and plan for their future goals.


SoundBubble (9)

SoundBubble is a platform that leverages Spotify’s public API to build logs of a user’s

recently played tracks and makes this data visible to other users. Users can create and join groups to refine which users’ song logs appear on their feed, as well as rate songs using an ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ scale.



The project is a reservation platform for restaurants. Used by both customers and restaurant owners.


wall-street-visualiza (11)

Wall-street-Visualiza is created to help investors to have easy acess to performance of a particular company that they are intereted in investing. Specifically, each companies financial statements is only one click away and all news related to the company can be filtered based on the dates selected. This way, the investor can both analyze and evaluate the company both fundamentally and behaviourily.