Technical Writing

As a comprehensive online course in technical writing, ENGL301 focuses on strengthening an individual’s ability to communicate in a practical and concise manner for professional growth. Furthermore, this course introduces various strategies and techniques in technical communication, such as producing formal documents and writing professional correspondence including reports, proposals, emails, and application letters.

While ENGL301 encourages self-directed learning, the course also requires a student to actively engage in direct communication with others in order to complete assignments and tasks.

The course is divided into 4 units, each unit focused on different skills and types of communication. By the end of the course, students are to submit and Application Package and a Formal Report. In line with the web-based nature of this course, students are also required to Web Folio.

I wish to pursue a career in project finance, a field in which high levels of professionalism is demanded in every aspect. The financing of large-scale infrastructure projects involves various actors such as private investors, banks, governments, audit firms, lawyers, contractors, and more. Therefore, clear and transparent communication between all participants is essential in order to close a successful deal. Through my internship in the project finance division at a national development bank, I first handedly experienced the significance of technical writing and professional communication in order to build a solid professional network. Thus I am motivated to learn techniques of producing formal documents and reports in preparation before entering the corporate world.