CWG test

How to take the test

  • Have learners complete the test by clicking this link:
  • Enter a name (or pseudonym)
  • Enter an email address that will receive the results (typically the teacher’s email address)
  • Press ‘Next
  • The learner  silently reads each sentence & clicks on the picture that best matches the grammatical meaning of the sentence

How to interpret the results of the test

  • Receive an email with the results showing each item that the learner selected in error
  • Compare the results of incorrect items to the record form and grammar structures
  • Look at the ‘Interpreting Results‘ and ‘Teaching Strategies’ pages to gather ideas for next steps in instruction (under development)

Purpose of the test

The Comprehension of Written Grammar (CWG; Easterbrooks & Cannon, 2019) test is designed to document a struggling reader’s ability to read sentences written in targeted grammatical contexts

Theoretical basis

Based on Chomsky’s Minimalist Program Functional & Lexical categories (Chomsky, 2005)

Test structure

  • 52 items – CWG Record Form_2019 of all test items
  • Sentences are written in targeted grammatical contexts
  • 26 Grammatical Structures assessed
  • Each structure is assessed twice


Easterbrooks, S. R. & Cannon, J. E. (2019). Comprehension of written grammar test [Online, open access assessment]. Retrieved from