Study Info

We are no longer enrolling participants into the Daily Experiences and Health Study. If you are interested in joining a permission to contact to list, please email us at for future studies that will touch on similar topics explored in this study.

This study involves repeated assessments 3 times for the next 2 years: Baseline (Year 1), Year 2, and Year 3. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to do the following:

Part 1 (Screening and questionnaire):
Do a brief phone call with us to confirm your eligibility. To enroll in the study, you will be asked to submit an online consent form and complete an online questionnaire.

Part 2 (First online session):
During your first online session, you will receive instructions from our team for completing the daily life surveys. We will also discuss how to use the physical activity monitor, sleep watch, and how to collect your saliva. The devices and supplies will be mailed to you before the session.

Part 3 (Daily life assessments):
Fill out brief surveys on a mobile device 5 times per day for 14 days, while wearing a physical activity monitor, a sleep watch, and collecting saliva samples.

Part 4 (Second online session):
Your second online session will be scheduled two weeks after your first session. You will be asked to complete a follow-up questionnaire and collect another saliva sample. During this session, you will also receive instructions from our team on how to ship back the equipment and saliva samples.

This procedure will be repeated one and two years later, so we can capture changes in well-being and health over time.

To show our appreciation, each participant will receive an honorarium of up to $50 for each annual assessment (totaling up to $150 across 3 annual assessments) and personalized summary reports of their sleep and physical activity.

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