Expertise and Services


The pathology core provides comprehensive, rapid molecular pathology services ranging from standard histology to custom work such as TMA construction, antibody validation, and genomic analysis including CISH and FISH, in addition to providing the pathology expertise required for scoring and interpretation of results.


Our molecular pathology and applied genomics core is supported by a world class team of molecular pathologists and offers a broad range of analytical services to the public and private sectors including:

  • Immunohistochemistry
  • – Single staining
    – Double-staining

  • Immunohistochemistry biomarker evaluation
  • In situ immunofluorescence
  • In situ hybridization
  • – FISH
    – CISH

  • In situ Toxicology Analysis
  • In situ Proximity-ligation Analysis
  • Tissue Micro Array (TMA) construction
  • High-throughput scanning
  • Image storage service
  • Remote VPN access
  • Digital Image Analysis
  • Whole Mount Tissue Analysis
  • – Murine tissue
    – Human Prostate
    – Human Pancreas

  • Laser-Capture Micro-dissection (LCM)
  • Manual Macro Dissection (LMD)