The UBC DOLLAR PROJECT was started by Tiffany Tong in January 2007, with the help of friends from the UBC Science One program. Together, our founding members envisioned encouraging each constituent at UBC to donate $1, thereby generating at least $56,000 for charitable causes and marking the cornerstone of societal self-agency. While this remains a concrete long-term goal, today, the UBC DOLLAR PROJECT focuses more on eliminating apathy by raising awareness and encouraging people to take the first step to become active global citizens.


What is UBC Dollar Project? The UBC Dollar Project is an award winning global issues club centered around collective action and eliminating apathy by promoting a culture of awareness and dialogue, and by spurring individuals to act. We are committed to taking action in a timely manner and to leading by example through innovation, volunteering and fundraising.


Our club aims to enable individuals to realize the potential that lies within each person – and by sowing the seeds of knowledge, hope and possibility, we urge them to recognize, nurture, and tap into their ability to make a positive difference. We would like UBC students to realize that by collaborating and cooperating with each other, we can have a long-lasting positive impact on people around the world that are currently living in poverty.


The UBC Dollar Project strives to change the paralyzing mindset of “my individual actions don’t matter in the large picture.” In fact, they DO matter, and that is why we are here – to tell you the story of empowerment and action.