Manuscripts in Process

Motherwell McFarlane, J.A. (manuscript in progress). Life Outside the Box Educators’ Manual: Sixty visual narrative lesson plans to help at-risk children, youth, and adults promote self care, inclusivity, and social justice. A Justice Institute of British Columbia initiative. 

Motherwell McFarlane, J.A. (2010) But Not Barbara. My children’s book about the Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr. Barbara McClintock who revolutionized the field of genetics with her discoveries. Awaiting an illustrator.

Motherwell McFarlane, J.A. (2012) That’s when you remember. My children’s book about a girl who, after many false starts, learns that she is her own greatest resource if only she will take a moment to sit still and think. Awaiting an illustrator.

Motherwell McFarlane, J.A. (manuscript in progress) Journaling with Soul. After 20 years of teaching students how to journal through scientific and personal techniques, I am  now collecting together my course lessons into one volume for professionals, students, and lay people who wish to deepen their awareness of their lived experiences through careful journaling.

Motherwell McFarlane, J.A. (manuscript in progress) Don’t call me, Rosie. (working title) My children’s book about the British biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer , Dr. Rosalind Franklin, who laid the critical ground work for and invented the X-ray photography that lead to the discovery of the helical structure of DNA.


Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane is a professional education consultant on gender, anti-oppression and social justice issues and a research associate at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She is also the developer and director of the Life Outside the Box program that uses visual narratives as a way to SEE conflict and injustice from new perspectives. Jessica facilitates groups and schools needing to have complex — and sometimes emotionally painful — conversations. She offers workshops to at-risk children, youth, and adults on: Truth and Reconciliation, transforming bullying situations, and rehearsing best practices for self-care, inclusivity, and kindness.

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