My Story

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

The Print Shop

In high school I took a program in Graphics Arts and decided to pursue it at a career. I was 18-years-old and working 12-hour shifts at Quebecor. The job consisted of assisting in operating the press, doing repairs and bundling the finished product for sale. By 18-year old standards it paid very well but I did not feel mentally stimulated whatsoever as the job was very repetitive and was essentially manual labour. After one year I decided to enroll in University in order to get the mental stimulation that I was craving. Working at Quebecor taught me a lot about myself. I discovered that I really desire to be pushed mentally and to constantly learn and improve.

The University Years

Psychology is incredibly interesting. Why wouldn’t someone want to study people? At Simon Fraser University I majored in Psychology and volunteered in the Social Psychology Lab for three years. Aside from learning about Psychology I also developed a lot of important study and time management skills. Balancing a job, a full course-load and working in the lab really pushed me and taught me a lot about how to be efficient.

Nelson Education

With my background in psychology, I was immediately drawn to sales. After starting out as a sales rep at Nelson Education and selling textbooks to college and university professors I was promoted to Digital Solutions Manager. In this new role my focus was on online homework and learning management systems. Digital Solutions Managers present to committees of professors extremely frequently and I credit this role for the development of my presentation skills.

What Next?

After spending years dealing with a range of educational technology products and positioning them within the ever-changing educational technology marketplace I have developed a strong interest in brand management. I have spent years in sales and I have developed the soft-skills that can only be learned in the field; however, I lack a formal business background and this is where Sauder can help me bridge the gap.

Why Sauder?

The practical focus of Sauder is one of the most intriguing aspects and is what initially attracted me to the program. The excellent practical experience that the Integrated Project and the required internship provide are exactly what I need. In addition, the mandatory Global Immersion Project provides excellent international experience. Finally, my goal is to live and work in Vancouver so earning my MBA from Sauder will not only increase my knowledge but also allow me to build a local professional network from a well-respected institution. This network will definitely open up new and exciting opportunities for my career development.

All in all, I want to learn and grow. I really want to be able to make an impact on the world and leave my mark. Sauder School of Business will allow me to reach my full potential and help me embark on the career and success that I have always envisioned and strived for. I am extremely excited about the possibilities. This is that single step that begins my journey of a thousand miles.

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