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Why the Video Game Industry?

My background is sales of educational technology so I have years of experiencing selling digital products and it is something that I enjoy. Vancouver has a relatively strong presence in this industry with companies like Electronic Arts and Pop Cap.

Which Trends are Occurring?

Mobile gaming has been gaining steam with the growth of smart phones. Mobile games are often much less expensive and can be created by one person or a small group, because of this there are many new players in the industry (IBIS World)

Another trend, which I experienced when I worked in publishing, is the shift to digital sales. Companies are now encouraging their customers to purchase games directly through their console which lowers the expenses associated with advertising, packaging and distribution (IBIS World)

Due to innovations such as the Wii and Kinect there has been an influx of women and senior consumers. Women now account for 40% of game players and 48% of game purchasers (IBIS World).

Key players in Canada?

Some of the key players in Canada are Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard Canada, Microsoft Canada and Nintendo Canada. Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts hold the most market share with a combined 34.1% between them (IBIS World).

Where Do I Fit?

In the publishing industry I have dealt with the shift from retail sales to direct to consumer digital sales so I am aware of the benefits and detriments of this model. Also, having grown up with video games I have an understanding of the key players, franchises and the changes that have taken place over the years. A key to the success of the video game industry will be finding effective ways to successfully market their products to the changing demographics of their consumers. Years ago it was mainly children and teenagers but now those children are adults and their wives, mothers and even grandmothers in some cases are purchasing and playing video games. I have a strong interest in Brand Management and market research so issues like this are ones that I would love to delve deeper into and come up with solutions for.


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