Customer Fixes

How are customers getting by without you?

Seasoned entrepreneurs know that they have a far greater chance of success if their new product or service solves a problem for customers. If your offering can make life easier, safer, more fulfilling or more delightful for consumers, then you raise your chances of success.

But, if this is a niggling problem, then your potential customers are likely taking some actions to deal with it. How are they addressing this problem now and how is your solution an improvement?

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Library Link
UBC library offers rich resources to help you in researching the competition and completing your Customer Fix Chart. Access key directories here…

Your Chart
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First Steps Example
Below you’ll find an example of a Customer Fix Chart without any of the identifying data. This Competitive Edge chart would be much elaborated as our fledgling chocolate company gathered whatever revenue, market, strategy information it could on competitors currently offering somewhat of a fix (or a dangerous risk) for chocolate lovers with nut allergies.

cf 11

edge sample

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