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Step 1: Is my Baby OK?

If your child was born with a disability that is identifiable at birth (or prenatally) it is possible that you will not go through this stage. The diagnosis may have prepared you for the reality that your child may develop differently from other children.

You are watching your beautiful baby grow, but you have a feeling that something may not be quite right with the way your child is developing. You may get this feeling whether or not you have older children who may or may not be developing typically. It is possible that your concerns will be seen as “too much worry” by your family, friends, and even your child’s pediatrician. This will make you feel better for a while, but concern and worry may return.

This is the initial understanding or concern that your child may need extra help. His or her development is not proceeding as you believe it should and you are worried (Fig. 1).


Figure 1. Worried


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