Middle Childhood Intervention: Module Four – Putting it all Together

Welcome to Module 4: 6-12

Welcome to Module 4: Putting it all Together


Welcome to Module 4 for the middle childhood years! In this module, we connect the information you read in Modules 1, 2, and 3. We think that “putting it all together” will make it easier for you to have a sense of this journey for you and your child. Your child is now over six years of age, and he or she is now in middle childhood. He or she is attending school, and may be learning how to read and write. You have gone through a number of hurdles getting your child assessed and diagnosed and getting your child the services that he or she needs in order to reach his or her maximum potential, as you will find out in the steps described next. We hope you enjoy this reading and that the content will be of use for you! You may also want to check our resources posted in the Assessment Conference section of our website.