Gernot Wieland: Sun. 1 April 2012

Of potential interest to all Medievalists…

Information c/o Courtney Booker (UBC Dept. of History & Chair of UBC Medieval Studies).

The Newman Association of Vancouver invites you to the last talk of the series “Faith and Science” :

Speaker: Professor Gernot Wieland PhD, Department of English, UBC

Title: “Bede: Faith through Science”

St Marks College 5935 Iona Drive

On Sunday April 1st at 1:00 pm
(following 11:30 Mass at St. Marks and Pancake Breakfast served by the Knights of Columbus).

About the speaker
Gernot Wieland received his primary and secondary education in the German Benedictine schools of Schaeftlarn and Ettal. He came to Canada in 1966 and studied Classics and English at University of Toronto (BA 1971). He went on to complete an MA (1972) and PhD (1976) in Mediaeval Studies at the Centre for Mediaeval Studies in Toronto.

He is the author/editor of six books and has written numerous articles in his primary area of research interest – Anglo-Latin literature (i.e. the Latin literature of the Anglo-Saxons). Prof Wieland is also the Editor of the Journal of Mediaeval Latin.

An engaging speaker, Professor Wieland will speak on the scientific knowledge embedded in Bede’s (673 – 735 A.D.) exegetical works, and may surprise you with Bede’s knowledge and sophistication, and will almost certainly change some of your preconceptions about the time that is often referred to as the “Dark Ages.”

Parking at the College or in the UBC North Parkade


The Saint Petersburg Bede (Saint Petersburg, National Library of Russia, lat. Q. v. I. 18), formerly known as the Leningrad Bede, is an early surviving illuminated manuscript of Bede’s 8th century history, the Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (Ecclesiastical History of the English People). It was taken to the Russian National Library of Saint Petersburg at the time of the French Revolution. Although not heavily illuminated, it is famous for containing the earliest historiated initial (one containing a picture) in European illumination. The opening three letters of Book 2 of Bede are decorated, to a height of 8 lines of the text, and the opening h contains a bust portrait of a haloed figure carrying a cross and a book. This is probably intended to be St. Gregory the Great, although a much later hand has identified the figure as St. Augustine of Canterbury.
Date: c. 731-746
Source: and Russian National Library, St Petersberg

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