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‘Nothing of significance here:’ Archeologists and Abalone.

I’ve had a thing for bilhaa (abalone) for some time. I grew up eating them and picking them when given the chance. Then I got asked to write an expert opinion in the early 2000s by David Robins (lawyer with Woodward & Company) when a fellow community member was charged with illegal harvest and possession […]

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The archaeologist and the waakyil (currant) patch.

In 2008 I chartered a vessel for a pilot project exploring intertidal stone traps.  This was the gateway to a decade and a half archaeological adventure. My family was the crew in 2008 and we sailed from Vancouver to laxyuup Gitxxała in a 40 foot vessel.  We  worked our way through the territory one cove, […]

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Driving the Ottawa Occupiers: Settler Appropriations and White Nativism.

The Ottawa Occupiers represent a stratum of the capitalist class that has always found itself in a middle ground in antagonistic relationships with both corporate capital and organized labour. Don’t be confused by the trucks – these men (and they are mostly men) and women don’t really drive trucks all the time. Typically, they’re operating […]

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