Ethics / Witnessing

We understand that people are or may be experiencing grief, illness, and /or other kinds of duress and we urge contributors to submit respectful forms of representation, given these times. Our process acknowledges uneven fields of power and agency by prioritizing qualified researchers / advocates and other witnesses who may best represent themselves.

The survey link circulates only through networks of researchers /advocates and other witnesses who will register with the project (by email), and who agree to abide by accepted ethical codes as specified on the Project Invitation.

UBC Ethics ID: # H20-02179.

Funding: This project is funded by a (SSHRC) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Explore Research Assistant Grant which supports graduate student team members who maintain the map.

“Witnesses” include researchers, advocates, activists and other community engaged workers. We invite those who have engagements in community-based activities, research and/or analyses of the larger contexts of power that affect local dynamics. This may include: university and non university-based field researchers; culture workers; public advocates and policy analysts; health care workers; and, service agency personnel etc..

Contributors are invited to join a private List Serve intended for dialogues about knowledge sharing and opportunities for collaborations of their making.

**Witness submissions may be anonymous. All questions are optional.

If you are interested in contributing, please email us. We will send you a Project Invitation with live links to the survey.

Project Email:

Hyde, Sandra and Laurie Willis (2020) Balancing the Quotidian: Precarity, Care and Pace in Anthropology’s                    Storytelling. Medical Anthropology 39(4): 297-304.
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