Extreme Weather

          kwin’usila the thunderbird
           (with human qualities)
designed for EOH by William Wasden Jr.

 Extreme Weather Events

COVID-19 presents the potential for people and groups to become exposed to harm in new ways. To understand ways in which these harms may be overlapping, we’ve designed a survey for experiences of extreme weather events affecting people across the world.

This is a citizen / community observation survey, open to anyone 18 years of age and older who wishes to contribute. Your descriptions will upload directly to an interactive map of the world that is publicly accessible here: https://blogs.ubc.ca/ecologiesofharmproject

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you do not have to answer every question. If you do wish to participate, you do notneed to record your name. Please keep in mind that re-posting, “liking,” or “following,” will be visible to others on public network platforms.

You may contribute as many observations as you like. Please share widely. ExtremeWeatherAd

                                                                               Link to survey: https://arcg.is/fvO4G0

ESP: Ad Encuestade Eventos Climáticos Extremos