About Me

I’m currently a Lecturer at Clemson University where I teach introductory level geological science and environmental science courses.

I completed my PhD at the University of British Columbia, studying Geological Sciences, under the supervision of Dr. Lee Groat and Dr. Sara Harris. My research focused on the rare-element pegmatites, specifically those that are thought to have been contaminated by their host rocks. Contamination can influence the chemical signature and mineralogy of pegmatites through the introduction of chemical elements from the host rock, and vice versa.

I also completed a portion of my dissertation in Geoscience Education research, specifically developing a validated concept inventory for use in introductory mineralogy courses. This concept inventory can be used to assess the impact of learner-centred pedagogies on student learning, and serve as a pre- and post-assessment for instructors.

Prior to coming to UBC, I completed my B.Sc. with a specialization in Geological Sciences at Queen’s University. Under the supervision of Dr. Ron Peterson, I studied the chemical composition of tourmaline from granitic pegmatites and associated rocks in the Northwest Territories.