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Instructor’s Blog

Hello, and welcome to my Blog. Below this post you will see previous posts from last semester’s class. This is the first Blog for our class. I will post a new blog regularly and include a link to each new blog on our Group FaceBook page. Please be sure to join that page now, if you haven’t already. Here is the link: English 301 .


By erikapaterson on March 21, 2019 @8:39 am

Home › Instructor’s Blog › DETAILS – please … Posted on December 4, 2018 by erikapaterson Posted in Instructor’s Blog — No Comments ↓ This is a re-post of a re-post of a blog that too many people seem to have missed or forgotten. One of the tricks of

Tips for writing a a Final Formal Report

By erikapaterson on March 29, 2019 @6:46 am

When self-editing your Formal Report keep in mind the most common and serious errors: Writing with a negative tone: Avoid the negative. Writing with a demanding tone: Respect your reader, edit out imperative verbs. Writing information that your reader already

Surveys: Ethical Introductions

By erikapaterson on March 18, 2019 @2:04 pm

Survey and Interview Introduction: an example  A common error with this assignment is the composition of the introduction to your surveys; this is a very important. You must fulfill research ethics.  Here is a good example for you to study and

An example of a review for a Proposal

By erikapaterson on March 21, 2019 @6:54 am

A Student Example of a Peer Review for a Report Proposal   Please note the minimal use of pronouns: I / You / Yours Please note the minimal use of imperative verbs   By XXX on June 12, 2016 To: XXX

An example of a Linked-In Peer review to study

By erikapaterson on March 31, 2019 @6:04 am

ENGL 301: LinkedIn Peer Review Form Here is an example of an excellent LinkedIn peer review to study: well organized, complete, concise and clear. Please note the minimal use of pronouns: I / You / Yours Please note the minimal


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