Instructor’s Blog

Instructor’s Blog

Hello, and welcome to my Blog. Below this post you will see previous posts from last semester’s class. This is the first Blog for our class. I will post a new blog regularly and include a link to each new blog on our Group FaceBook page. Please be sure to join that page now, if you haven’t already. Here is the link: English 301 .

TIP: Avoid the negative

By erikapaterson on February 7, 2019 @9:23 am

Turning the negative into the positive: Examples: Negative:  With a decrease of events and marketing, fewer students are inspired to participate in club activities and in turn, a decrease in interest for the role law has in societal problems. Positive:

Always consider your reader first

By erikapaterson on February 25, 2019 @8:13 pm

First rule: ALWAYS CONSIDER YOUR READER FIRST: Why are they reading, what do they need to know? Second rule: ALWAYS CONSIDER YOUR READER A VERY BUSY PERSON: stay clear and concise – brevity is better. Third rule: REMOVE EACH AND

Tips for Peer Reviewing a Report Proposal

By erikapaterson on February 2, 2019 @5:12 am

Here are some tips for preparing to peer review a Formal Report Proposal Before you read the document —  prepare a list of headings and sub-headings designed to match the requirements of the assignment in mind. Consider each and every

Conciseness and Clarity: removing pronouns

By erikapaterson on February 1, 2019 @2:32 pm

Removing as many pronouns as possible improves both conciseness and clarity, and as we shall see in Unit Three, editing out pronouns is an essential part of working with YOU attitude. Example: “I have reviewed your first draft of the

Preparing a Report Proposal

By erikapaterson on February 16, 2019 @1:14 pm

This blog is meant to guide you with preparations for creating your Formal Report. Before reading this blog please be sure to read the assigned pages on The Research Process: 123 – 186. Below you will find: A brief discussion on


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