EZproxy & Links to Print Journals **BACK UP**

The links are back and working from the A-Z ejournal list, the eLink menu, Catalogue Quick Search journal box, etc. EZ proxy is mostly working (see GMID posting).

Folks, as you may have seen from the Library Home page:

“Two Library servers will undergo maintenance on Wednesday, Dec 03 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. During this time, access to applications such as the New Materials website, the Chung Collection Inventory, the Media Booking and Course Reserves forms, and EZPROXY rewriting proxy service will be unavailable.”

As well, links from the A-Z ejournal list to print records are not working and searching from the “Journal/Ejournal” box on the Catalogue page is not working. (Searching in the Catalogue itself works). Let’s hope this is all resolved by 6:00pm as promised.

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