NUMDAM: A French Math Archive to Explore

So, what was the “new math” in 1810?  Find out in NUMDAM (Numérisation de documents anciens mathématiques), a database of 50+ mathematical journals and seminars. The  content is mostly French, but I am told there is English in there. Coverage runs from the 1800’s up to near Present (the most recent articles are only for subscribers). And if you have some relatively free time, you might want to look up Mr. A. Einstein’s “Théorie unitaire du champ physique” from 1930.

*CAUTION* Please do not try to view content with the DJVU links. Stick to .pdf for full text.

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  1. I too stumbled across Einstein’s potted French summary of physics up to 1930 but struggle to read in the original.

    Is there a translation anywhere, as I haven’t found one yet and would love to follow what seems to be a very elegant summary by the great man?

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