SwetsWise / ALPSP Platform: building PURLs?

First, a “PURL“? That’s a Permanent URL. Meaning that you can send the link to a journal or article to someone and they can click that link and see the same journal or article.

Platforms like EbscoHost help by providing a button: one click and a PURL is automatically created. SwetsWise / ALPSP however, is trickier. And copying the URL from the browser doesn’t work. Here is what you need to do;

  1. start with our EZproxy pre-pend:    http://ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/login?url=
  2. build the 2nd half of the URL using this formula:    http://www.swetswise.com/link/access_db?issn=xxxx-xxxx&vol=x&iss=x&part=x&ft=1 => where you replace the x’s with the numbers for your specific item

So, for a journal with  issn=0300-0508 and you want an article in volume 62, issue 5 (the “part” is only filled in if it’s a supplement issue, don’t worry about the “ft=1” just add it), you would build this PURL:


…which you can send to your friends. Of course, they can only access the article AFTER authenticating via EZproxy if they are off campus. Note: The above PURL formula only gets you to the Table Of Contents for the journal issue. That’s as close as you can get to the actual article on SwetsWise

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