SwetsWise / ALPSP Platform: building PURLs?

First, a “PURL“? That’s a Permanent URL. Meaning that you can send the link to a journal or article to someone and they can click that link and see the same journal or article.

Platforms like EbscoHost help by providing a button: one click and a PURL is automatically created. SwetsWise / ALPSP however, is trickier. And copying the URL from the browser doesn’t work. Here is what you need to do;

  1. start with our EZproxy pre-pend:    http://ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/login?url=
  2. build the 2nd half of the URL using this formula:    http://www.swetswise.com/link/access_db?issn=xxxx-xxxx&vol=x&iss=x&part=x&ft=1 => where you replace the x’s with the numbers for your specific item

So, for a journal with  issn=0300-0508 and you want an article in volume 62, issue 5 (the “part” is only filled in if it’s a supplement issue, don’t worry about the “ft=1” just add it), you would build this PURL:


…which you can send to your friends. Of course, they can only access the article AFTER authenticating via EZproxy if they are off campus. Note: The above PURL formula only gets you to the Table Of Contents for the journal issue. That’s as close as you can get to the actual article on SwetsWise

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2 Responses to SwetsWise / ALPSP Platform: building PURLs?

  1. Lorne Madgett says:

    Hello Kristina:

    Thanks for mentioning DOI. The problem (at the moment, more later) is DOI goes to “a version” of the article… and the version may not be at a site we subscribe to. In your example, the DOI takes me to the University of Toronto Press rather than the SwetsWise site (SwetsWise acts as an aggregator for many publishers). And we don’t have access via U of T. Now, I say “at the moment” because we are moving to a new OpenURL resolver in the coming weeks/months and this new resolver claims that it will soon be able to distinguish versions of articles. So, eventually you will be able to use the DOI for SwetsWise (and DO use it for other platforms when it leads to versions of articles we have access to), but not right now.
    Hope this wasn’t too long winded,

  2. Kristina McDavid says:

    It also looks like a DOI is provided most/all of the time if you actually go to the PDF. Thus, “Continuous and Pulsed Ultrasound” 2010 – 62 – 5, p. 13, which has a DOI of 10.3138/ptc.2009-09-s3, would be http://dx.doi.org/10.3138/ptc.2009-09-s3 as a link or http://ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/login?url=http://dx.doi.org/10.3138/ptc.2009-09-s3 with EZproxy. Does that work?

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