Web of Science: New Look! Problems to Watch

Web of Science has changed its look. It also has some new functionality that you can read about here.

But it also has limits on the browsers that it supports. Please read the System Requirements. Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 are not listed at this time. Please use only a supported browser & browser version.

As well, just to clarify, while EndNote is an option in Web of Science,  UBC Library supports RefWorks as a Reference/Citation Manager. You can get more information on UBC’s support for RefWorks HERE.

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1 Response to Web of Science: New Look! Problems to Watch

  1. Campbell Sharman says:

    The Web of Science works well on IE 9, but the ‘Compatability mode’ must be used (select broken page symbol shown following the URL).

    Hi, Campbell:
    Thanks for this comment. I am told this can be done by
    going to the Tools menu, click on Compatibility View Settings 3. Type ‘isiknowledge.com’ in the textbox and click on Add… but I have no way to test this. Buyer beware.
    -Lorne Madgett

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