ebrary eBooks: Access & Bookshelf

*UPDATE 2* (see below)

New year, new problems.

There are several problems with our ebrary eBook access at the moment. We are aware and working on the problems. Please stay tuned!


The Single-User problem is solved. Half the world is no longer ahead of you.

The UofT titles‘ problem is a little hazy at the moment. Some titles have been pulled, others we retain access. The full outcome should be clearer when we update the Catalogue at the end of January. Sorry for any short-term confusion.



One problem leaves town…

Authentication (Access) problemĀ  and Bookshelf problem should be resolved. Please try the following to ensure your Access & Bookshelf are working:

  1. Clear browser cache & cookies
  2. If you are on campus -or- connecting via myVPN, you should have no problem accessing the ebook (except in two cases — see “Two problems…” below)
  3. When on the ebrary site, (as long as you have not logged into EZproxy yet) you will see in the upper right “Sign in”. This signs you in via EZproxy to your Bookshelf. If you have already passed through EZproxy, you are automatically signed in to your Bookshelf.

Two problems come to town:

  1. Almost all of our Single-User titles on ebrary have a 2 billion (yes, billion) person wait list. This should be corrected before the end of the day.
  2. The University of Toronto has suddenly pulled their titles from the “Canadian Publisher’s Collection.” This means that the U of T titles in this collection are listed in the UBC Catalogue, but are not accessible on ebrary. The Catalogue will be updated by the end of the month.


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