I Play Tourist in Vancouver.. 7 Months After My Arrival.

Vancouver Aquarium

I listened to at least three episodes of This American Life as I sat at the front of a Canada Line train, riding it back and forth, waiting for my friend to arrive from Victoria on a delayed ferry. I went to the Oakridge mall, sometime during the second episode, and watched families buying chocolate for Easter and window shopped my heart out.

This was the halfway point in one of the most exciting days of this past weekend. Earlier, I went to the Vancouver Aquarium for the first time with two of my friends from my residence floor. Did I mention that at that point, I hadn’t even seen Stanley Park yet? I pictured Stanley Park to look like one of Ontario’s Provincial Parks but it far succeeded those little expectations that I had set for it.

Stanley Park seemed like an adventure. A world to explore. With many features gently built in by mankind, like bridges, streams, walkways and little food outlets, my heart fell in love with this place. What made it even better was the aquarium.

The Vancouver Aquarium is epic. The 1pm dolphin show. Sea otters wrestling each other. Planet Eart 4-D Experience. It was awesome. Above, is a photo of Maegan and I dressing up in costumes we found in the children’s area. Yes, we probably didn’t belong there, but we were way too hyped after the 4-D Theatre. (It included bubbles. Twice.)

Prime example of what it looks like to be from the future, or to be in attendance at a 4-D theatre.

It was hard to pull ourselves away from the aquarium on one of the nicest days Vancouver has seen in a while but we eventually did it. We ended up downtown. The day concluded with sushi at a great japanese place on Granville called Shuraku. I keep going back to this place time and time again. Yam tempura rolls, all the way. The entire staff yells thank you to you when you leave, how awesome is that? Also, did you know H&M has included organic and recycled materials in their newest line? We went there too, in the H&M in Pacific Centre, and it’s actually wonderful. I recommend you take a look, and if you get me anything for my birthday (which is more than half a year away) I’d love a white tunic dress.

After that, I ended up on the Canada Line, where my story began. My friend eventually made it to dry land, and that weekend I got to play tourist even more. They were shocked that I still haven’t seen Stanley Park or the aquarium and I’ve been here since September. We decided it was only right I spent some more time on Granville Island. We bought Longans from the Granville Island Public Market, which are basically like lychees that come on branches and in a tough brown shell with a pit in the centre, and ate them by the water. Being in the sun and playing silly games like who could bounce the pit and hit the target the most was just what I needed out of a 4 day weekend.

We ate at the Sandbar, a great restaurant because they have a dining room that is like a covered patio a few floors above the boardwalks on the island. Each chair comes with a cozy blanket to wrap around yourself if you are cold. My hostess was also very informed about the world of Lomography and had a great conversation with me when she noticed that I had placed my fisheye camera on the table. I’m impressed by her. I approve even more. Eat there.

I played tourist even more. This time, I was showing my friend from Victoria some of the hidden gems of Vancouver. If you are a prospective student who wants some culture, eat at East Is East. There’s a location on Main Street and Broadway (which is close to campus). We went to the Main Street location, and man their drinks are amazing. Mango lassies, fruit smoothies, and Indian Shakes. They have the best Naan, live music, and unique dining experience. You sit on little wooden stools that each have their own personality and you eat at an even more extraordinary table that is low to the ground.

The entire place is covered in carpets, embellished pillows, and has the kindest staff. When you are unsure of what to order, they bring you a sample of what you would like to try. Also, they bring you complimentary spicy chai tea at the beginning of your meal. This will always be one of my favorite places in Vancouver to go to. I’ll snag a photo of the restaurant the next time I’m there, just for you guys.

Now, it’s Tuesday. My 4 day weekend is over and the aquarium asked for me to return 3-D glasses, so I couldn’t even keep those. Now I have exams, term papers, final visual arts assignments and one more French test. What I’d like to do is post some images of my art onto my blog once I start receiving most of them back from my professors. Also, you should go visit the INITIALS art show in Koerner Gallery! I have a piece that is being shown there, I know you want to go!

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  1. Tyler

    Shuraku sounds interesting… …because of that goodbye thing… …XD. I wanna go try that place.

    And East is East is good if you’re not going with a large group. That’s the only thing I remember disliking about East is East.

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