Music Monday!

My life is crazy busy. I can’t even blog about the sudden disappearance of UBC Life. Who would of ever thought I would have more time with a full course load over a summer job?

Btw, Friday, I ended up at an Arcade Fire secret show in Toronto. Heard about it around 5pm and dashed out of the building to make it to the venue to get tickets. Can I say, amazing? Probably one of the best musical experiences of my life.

Ready for muzic? Special thanks to Jobin again for this weeks music suggestion. It showed up in my inbox without asking. It’s actually sooo legit. I’m in love.

Here we go with The Foals and their song that is splendidly called Spanish Sahara. Spanish Sahara, you are just so romantic and superb that I’d rather have you in my life than most boys. You complete me.

YouTube Preview Image

1 thought on “Music Monday!

  1. Kyla

    I’m very jealous of you for getting to see Arcade Fire and I’m a little bit in love with The Foals. sooo, yes. :]

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