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Music Tuesday?

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Arcade Fire- Sprawl II

I wonder if midterms could be classified as more difficult than finals.. because you need to attend to co-curricular  activities, readings, and attending classes all at the same time. Where as in exams, everything seems to stop for you. I’m in the height of my midterms right now, although it seems as if they have been happening for 4 weeks now (they probably have been). I have to know everything about volcanoes for my ESOC 114 course by the end of today and I have the hardest midterm I’ve ever encountered for my FNSP theory class going down this Thursday at 11am.

That’s a snap shot of my academic life right meow for you.

Music Monday

Whenever I hear this song on the Peak, I get excited. This is Snow Patrol’s Called Out In The Dark. Although the music video is strange, and takes away from the vibe I get when I listen to the song by itself, I still enjoy it. I’m also eating caramel apple kettle corn from the UBC apple festival for breakfast right now, so you can be the judge of what is more strange.

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The Return of Music Monday

Music Monday, a weekly blog post I used to post during my first and second years of university is returning. There’s a purpose. Music Monday from now on will be used to feature music that reminds me of the west coast and Music Monday will soon form a collection of sounds from UBC that others can share in. I think if you are a perspective student, you may enjoy this.

Most of the sounds shared are coming from the folks at 100.5 The Peak, which is what I normally let stream from my computer while I’m studying.

This week I’m featuring Santa Fe off Beruit‘s new album that came out this year titled The Rip Tide. I like to think of Santa Fe as a pumped up twist on the Beruit classics I used to listen to in high school that were shared with me by a dear friend named Michael Tobin, who is someone I made a trip to Toronto to see the day before I moved to UBC in first year and is now at Ryerson for Radio and Television Arts. Basically, a pretty amazing dude who has always known the best music from the moment I met him. Fun fact: Tokyo Police Club comes from his home town (woah woahh blog name connections).

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PS. This is also the return of lots of new blog content for new and perspective students at UBC. Welcome back me.

Music Monday+

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Rich Aucoin- Push

More goodies for perspective/first year university students: Here is a first year university student’s blog from the website who attends Laurier University in Ontario. Currently, he’s discussing the drinking age for university students.

University Lesson of the week: A semester will pass you by quicker than you think. It’s important to do your readings regularly, instead of letting them all fall in your schedule within a few days of your exams.

Life Lesson of the week: Sleep is your best friend. Don’t go without it. Everything else can wait. Make sure you make room for your school work so you get more of it.

A Website You Should Check Out:

The Best of Vancouver: Granville Island Winter Ale

3 more days of classes
1 week until my exams start
2 weeks until my exams end
2 weeks until my birthday
3 weeks until I’m back in Niagara Falls

MM Kanye West

Kanye West’s newest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has finally been released. For those of you who sat through his 35 minute full-length film, don’t worry the music isn’t exactly the same as that featured in the film. I actually give it five stars. Kanye, this is my favorite yet.

To continue a satisfying day, I went to my first Canucks game today at Rogers Arena/GM Place. I’ve been here for a year and a half and I’m still trying to find ways to gain new Vancouver experiences. If you are in the same boat as I am in (the boat of always wanting to explore Vancouver life), you would be very interested in listening to The Peak, one of Vancouver’s best radio stations. You can listen online. I played it this afternoon as I carved my wood plate for my print making class.

Also, on December 11th from 10am-6pm the annual Holiday Market put on by Vancouver Farmers Markets is taking place by Commercial Station. Over 90 vendors. Probably some ladies with free jam to sample. Defs a good time. I’ll be there, Vancouver.

Here’s me, continuing to make Vancouver my home.

(btw, MM means Music Monday in sleek terms.)

Music Monday, The Globe Campus & Maya Fernandez

I don’t actually have this song in my music library, but the song has a cool story to it. Usher’s Hot Toddy is a song that shares the same nickname that my friends have given to one of our dads. Lauren’s dad has been nicknamed Hot Toddy for the last few weeks since he visited Lauren from Colorado (his name is Todd and he’s a hottie for a daddy). I went home last weekend to Niagara Falls and as I was driving I heard this song on the radio. Best coincidence ever.

This is for you Lauren, Megan and Maegan. Enjoy some Hot Toddy.

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Cool find of the day: The Globe Campus.
It’s produced by the Globe and Mail and has articles that anyone getting ready for post-secondary or already in post-secondary would find useful or interesting. I give it two thumbs up if you want to educate yourself for smart decisions if you are a potential UBC student. Here’s an article about what current university students from across Canada wish they knew going into first year.

Shout out: To my dear friend Maya Fernandez at the University of Guelph. She’s been asking for a long time to get a shout on the blog and she deserves it.