The Return of Music Monday

Music Monday, a weekly blog post I used to post during my first and second years of university is returning. There’s a purpose. Music Monday from now on will be used to feature music that reminds me of the west coast and Music Monday will soon form a collection of sounds from UBC that others can share in. I think if you are a perspective student, you may enjoy this.

Most of the sounds shared are coming from the folks at 100.5 The Peak, which is what I normally let stream from my computer while I’m studying.

This week I’m featuring Santa Fe off Beruit‘s new album that came out this year titled The Rip Tide. I like to think of Santa Fe as a pumped up twist on the Beruit classics I used to listen to in high school that were shared with me by a dear friend named Michael Tobin, who is someone I made a trip to Toronto to see the day before I moved to UBC in first year and is now at Ryerson for Radio and Television Arts. Basically, a pretty amazing dude who has always known the best music from the moment I met him. Fun fact: Tokyo Police Club comes from his home town (woah woahh blog name connections).

YouTube Preview Image

PS. This is also the return of lots of new blog content for new and perspective students at UBC. Welcome back me.