I approve: New Ubyssey weekly videos and video content

This week, The Ubyssey, our campus paper, deserves to have the spotlight on them for their awesome new online video content. Big thumbs up for them. If you are a prospective UBC student or a new to UBC student, these videos will help you get that “real” look at campus you are looking for.

Here’s this week’s news update from The Ubyssey.

YouTube Preview Image

Highlights: Dubstep noises, candid footage of our newspaper staff, and sweet edits that I wanna learn.


More from the paper… Engineers mix with science and start blowing stuff up!

YouTube Preview Image

Highlights: The underwater explosion that made a water fountain freak out.


And lastly.. a time-lapse of the Imagine Day pep rally!

YouTube Preview Image

Highlights: Those two girls sitting and talking for a long time on the red carpet. You know who I’m talking about.


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