Music Monday, The Globe Campus & Maya Fernandez

I don’t actually have this song in my music library, but the song has a cool story to it. Usher’s Hot Toddy is a song that shares the same nickname that my friends have given to one of our dads. Lauren’s dad has been nicknamed Hot Toddy for the last few weeks since he visited Lauren from Colorado (his name is Todd and he’s a hottie for a daddy). I went home last weekend to Niagara Falls and as I was driving I heard this song on the radio. Best coincidence ever.

This is for you Lauren, Megan and Maegan. Enjoy some Hot Toddy.

YouTube Preview Image

Cool find of the day: The Globe Campus.
It’s produced by the Globe and Mail and has articles that anyone getting ready for post-secondary or already in post-secondary would find useful or interesting. I give it two thumbs up if you want to educate yourself for smart decisions if you are a potential UBC student. Here’s an article about what current university students from across Canada wish they knew going into first year.

Shout out: To my dear friend Maya Fernandez at the University of Guelph. She’s been asking for a long time to get a shout on the blog and she deserves it.