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A Music Monday full of LOVE.

y=You guys, I have so many exciting things I want to share with you! I’ve flown to Toronto and back for We Day, been all over the place with Colour Wars and Mob kick-off events, and now here I am one full month into school. Kind of feels like Eat, Pray, Love, because of the crazy adventures I’ve had with love, passions, and travel–which brings me to this song choice. I chose Florence + the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over for today’s Music Monday because it reminds me of an extra special person in my life we shall call vcamp.

Not long ago, I started up something pretty big. A future post will hold the big announcement but, for now, what you should know is that vcamp plays an important role in this “something pretty big.” Not many people have the wonder and amazing talents that vcamp holds. Vcamp and I only met at Residence Advisor Orientation at the end of August. Already, I know, that she’s going to go far in life and I’m proud to call her one of my newest friends and project partner. One of her biggest passions (yes passion) is Florence + the Machine. While I was at We Day, I heard this song and thought of her. Immediately from looking over the ACC from the 600-level VIP lounge I sent her a text.

That text said,
“We Day equals they are totally playing Florence + the Machine and I’m thinking of you from all the way in Toronto.”

She replied,
“That is amazing! I love her and I love you :)”

This one is for you, vcamp. The best non-traditional warm fuzzy you’ll ever read. I hope you one day read this.

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Music Monday

One of my favorite things about campus is how calm and beautiful it can be at night. Last night, I walked to the Starbucks at Agronomy and East Mall and spent some of my evening relaxing under the heaters outside. It reminded me of the simple pleasures of grabbing my longboard late on Saturday nights in first year and just cruising around campus until I discovered a new place or an event at the MoA. This song reminds me of just that.

Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth

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Music Monday

FLO RIDA (yes, I chose Flo Rida) and his glamourous song, Club Can’t Handle Me.

First off, if you are ever considering living in residence or you do live in residence, please take note of how stellar the Residence Advisors around you are or how amazing it would be to live with a group of residence advisors. This is the Totem advising team flash mobbing a talent show at UBC-O to Club Can’t Handle Me and I get PUMPED every time I watch it. So much good energy in that room. Love Totem.

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Here’s the actual song. I have to say, our dancing is better than the actual music video.

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BTW, after watching that dancing video, you best believe that advisors are the coolest people on the planet.

Music Monday

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Who makes your money / Spoon

A purchase on my VISA that I do not regret: Eat, Pray, Love. That book that is being turned into a movie with Julia Roberts. Even though it’s about a woman in her thirties and her messy life (swearing included) as she travels to three countries, I identify with it a lot. Thanks Elizabeth Gilbert for sharing your story so publicly.

Music Monday + Gifts

I know, I disappeared for more than a week and we missed out on a good Music Monday last week. Not only that, but I didn’t have a chance to blog about all the good things that happened last week like the Old Spice Guy‘s viral campaign, the new article about my experiences with G20 on the Faculty of Arts Website, and this.

I’m here to make up for it. This week, our Music Monday is themed American Eagle. Tomorrow is my last shift of the summer and after 3 glorious years of jean selling it is time for me to take some serious time off with other opportunities on the horizon. Here are three songs from our recent soundtracks that are worth a listen, even if two of them are very “poppy.”

First we have One Republic’s All The Right Moves (real mainstream video)
Followed by The Black Eyed Pea’s One Tribe (crazy fan video)
And Finished with The Black Keys and their song, Tighten Up, which features their hilarious music video that you probably should take the time to watch.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

rockin’, I know.

Want some more gifts? Here are other worthy music sites to note. Click here, click here or click here for new music. What’s that you say, you want more? Okay, click here, click here, or click here.

Love you lots, UBC blog world.

This is more important than Music Monday

This is what I lived through this weekend. Please watch.

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Saturday afternoon. Toronto Eaton Centre. American Eagle Outfitters. I show up for work and am told to stand by for notice that we need to evacuate. A protest was moving towards us on Queen street without ANY police present. My manager held the store phone in his hand, waiting for instruction to leave before the protest got to the Eaton Centre and put us in danger.

On their way towards us, Queen Street was destroyed. Store front windows were smashed, The Bay was looted, and cop cars were set on fire. I got these updates periodically over my headset. We knew they were coming.

Shortly after, they arrived at the south end of the mall. Mall security blocked the doors. We were told that the protesters had arrived. Most shoppers in our store had no idea what was happening just a few store fronts away and what had taken place on Queen Street moments ago. They had no idea that there was a cop car on fire in the middle of street or that outside looked like a war zone.

Alerts went out over the mall emergency alert system, broadcasting over the speakers that there was an emergency situation in close proximity to the Eaton Centre. It advised all customers to leave. We had to quickly wrap up all sales and ask all customers to exit the store. Customers didn’t know why they had to leave, we had to inform them of what was taking place.

As soon as the last customer left, we were advised that the protest was moving up Yonge Street towards Dundas Square. We were under lockdown and couldn’t leave until they left, and that’s if they decided to move on from Dundas Square. Yonge and Dundas is like the Times Square of Toronto. It’s at the north corner of our mall where H&M, Adidas, Forever 21 and the plaza sits. CityTV looks into the plaza, the Toronto Google office, and an AMC theatre.

We had to stay in the store. We folded clothes until we got the news that it was safe to leave. From our cell phones, our friends that worked at stores on Yonge street and people who were following the news told us what was happening.

Urban Outfitters. Windows smashed.

One of the Starbucks in the mall. Windows smashed.

Slowly they were making their way along the east side of the mall to get to the square.

The Bank of Montreal. Windows smashed.

Once they got to Yonge and Dundas, they headed north past the mall and onto all the street stores.

Adidas. Guess. Levi’s. Pizza Pizza. HMV. Rogers. Future Shop. All windows smashed. Street signs through their windows.

Once the protest moved north, it reached Yonge and College where the main protest of the day was taking place and why no police were watching this crowd that came and ripped apart the city. Another Starbucks was targeted. Violence and arrests broke out. Yonge and College which is a place I commonly wait for the street car or visit the College Park Metro was now a war zone.

We were soon allowed to leave the mall through a door guarded by security and blocked off with police tape. I walked out onto Yonge Street. Usually filled with cars, it was empty. No police in a city that has been covered with riot police in full gear on every corner. Just citizens walking around in shock, looking at what must of been a bomb that went off in the downtown core. In the distance, smoke from cop cars that were set a blaze was creating a dark haze and camera flashes filled the streets.

I walked up Yonge. The biggest crowd was formed around American Apparel. It was hit the worst. Doors and windows smashed through with signs, bust forms broken and dragged down the street, glass everywhere, and human feces thrown onto their window front. Here are some of the photos I took from the scene on my BlackBerry.

I just have to say that this is not my Toronto. This would never happen day to day. Riot police do not hang out on a street corner. 900 people are not arrested in one weekend. I don’t know what these riots achieved but I do know that we need to direct the energy that we put into these ordeals into something that has real results. We need to teach each other how to take action. We need to find another way that is not violence to express ourselves. I fell asleep Saturday to the constant sounds of helicopters outside of my window, so loud, that I could hardly fall asleep. I do not want to see another weekend like this ever again. It disturbed me that people down the street had no idea what was going on, but they knew the score of the World Cup game. Let’s show some more compassion, let’s take action, and let’s stick to peace.

One funny thing out of this weekend- Our toilet broke inside our American Eagle on Sunday. Marty posted this sign.

For more images and tweets from my weekend of unexpected havoc, and what it was like Friday when I was in the middle of a protest and 100 riot police marched towards me, please read all my tweets at

You might find some stuff on there like this:

Music Monday!

My life is crazy busy. I can’t even blog about the sudden disappearance of UBC Life. Who would of ever thought I would have more time with a full course load over a summer job?

Btw, Friday, I ended up at an Arcade Fire secret show in Toronto. Heard about it around 5pm and dashed out of the building to make it to the venue to get tickets. Can I say, amazing? Probably one of the best musical experiences of my life.

Ready for muzic? Special thanks to Jobin again for this weeks music suggestion. It showed up in my inbox without asking. It’s actually sooo legit. I’m in love.

Here we go with The Foals and their song that is splendidly called Spanish Sahara. Spanish Sahara, you are just so romantic and superb that I’d rather have you in my life than most boys. You complete me.

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