A Music Monday full of LOVE.

y=You guys, I have so many exciting things I want to share with you! I’ve flown to Toronto and back for We Day, been all over the place with Colour Wars and Mob kick-off events, and now here I am one full month into school. Kind of feels like Eat, Pray, Love, because of the crazy adventures I’ve had with love, passions, and travel–which brings me to this song choice. I chose Florence + the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over for today’s Music Monday because it reminds me of an extra special person in my life we shall call vcamp.

Not long ago, I started up something pretty big. A future post will hold the big announcement but, for now, what you should know is that vcamp plays an important role in this “something pretty big.” Not many people have the wonder and amazing talents that vcamp holds. Vcamp and I only met at Residence Advisor Orientation at the end of August. Already, I know, that she’s going to go far in life and I’m proud to call her one of my newest friends and project partner. One of her biggest passions (yes passion) is Florence + the Machine. While I was at We Day, I heard this song and thought of her. Immediately from looking over the ACC from the 600-level VIP lounge I sent her a text.

That text said,
“We Day equals they are totally playing Florence + the Machine and I’m thinking of you from all the way in Toronto.”

She replied,
“That is amazing! I love her and I love you :)”

This one is for you, vcamp. The best non-traditional warm fuzzy you’ll ever read. I hope you one day read this.

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