Music Monday + Gifts

I know, I disappeared for more than a week and we missed out on a good Music Monday last week. Not only that, but I didn’t have a chance to blog about all the good things that happened last week like the Old Spice Guy‘s viral campaign, the new article about my experiences with G20 on the Faculty of Arts Website, and this.

I’m here to make up for it. This week, our Music Monday is themed American Eagle. Tomorrow is my last shift of the summer and after 3 glorious years of jean selling it is time for me to take some serious time off with other opportunities on the horizon. Here are three songs from our recent soundtracks that are worth a listen, even if two of them are very “poppy.”

First we have One Republic’s All The Right Moves (real mainstream video)
Followed by The Black Eyed Pea’s One Tribe (crazy fan video)
And Finished with The Black Keys and their song, Tighten Up, which features their hilarious music video that you probably should take the time to watch.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

rockin’, I know.

Want some more gifts? Here are other worthy music sites to note. Click here, click here or click here for new music. What’s that you say, you want more? Okay, click here, click here, or click here.

Love you lots, UBC blog world.

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