Brisbane, as seen through my cell phone.

City Glider transit buses! Complete with flying squirrel graphics all over everything, including the buses!

I’m officially a UQ student!

I’ve lived in Totem Park for 3 years with a dining hall, this is my attempt at food liberation. Guacamole, corn, and chickpea sandwiches.

I have no ideas what these are, but I found them in theĀ BotanicalĀ Gardens and I like ’em.

1 thought on “Brisbane, as seen through my cell phone.

  1. Shelley

    Hey Girly
    I am sitting at home in my Tokyo Police Club tshirt thinking about your blogs.
    Funny how the bus system there is also named Translink!
    I love the flying squirrels. Skype Soon, have fun in Sydney!

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