Go on exchange to Australia, and then see the Great Barrier Reef!

Our reading break just happened here in Australia as my friends at UBC started their end of term exams. Brian, who is on exchange at UNSW in Sydney, and myself went up to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef for the week. Some of the pleasures of living in Queensland is that it’s always hot like summer (even though we’re moving from fall into winter soon) and you’re only a few hours away from the reef.

The place above is overlooking Whitehaven Beach where all the white sand swirls with the clear water. If it wasn’t for the highest winds of the season that coincided with our trip, then we would of been able to go down there on this thing, to see these guys, and hang out like best buds. We still were able to visit another part of the beach on our jet boat/speed rafting watercraft even with the high winds. You can’t even tell, but I lost my one and only hair elastic on that trip and so my hair was in one big knot from traveling on our jet boat/speed rafting watercraft, so good job me. I’m kind of like this guy.

Now that reading week is done, it’s time to get through the last half of the term while everyone else in Canada begins summer vacation.