Kerry Costello, the co-founder of HeadCheck is a coach, athlete herself and MBA graduate from the UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School. After witnessing many career changing injuries, she recognized a need for better brain health management to help ensure athletes do not worsen existing injuries.  Costello joined forces with kinesiology PhD candidate Harrison Brown, who specializes in human motor behaviour and concussion research, to develop an innovative mobile app and headband that instantly measures concussion risk. Coaches can use it on the bench and in the change room to determine whether a player should return to the game or seek medical treatment.

HeadCheck was as a startup initiated through the entrepreneurship@UBC program.

Check it out.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-la6qYsfJyk&feature=emb_logo

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  1. shaun holma

    Yes, I would invest in this venture. The pain point is clearly addressed and one that hits close to home for many players (and their loved ones) who play contact sports within regions and across levels. This concussion management tool is valuable in that gives users administrative control over their medical history. Having such control over a personal and serious matter like health is an enticing proposition to many people, including me. When I relocated across seas from Ontario, I thought it was important to have my medical history accessible. Enter medchart @ https://www.medchart.ca/ ! This fully compliant medical management system has aggregated my health records in full (everything from past digital imaging down to notes of the nurses) into digital form. This cloud-based technology gives me the just in time information should I need it. I suspect for the recipient of a concussion, it’s not as much should I need the information but more when I need it.

    The pitch told me a story. It began with a message – player safety – that would resonate with any spouse, parent, or other family members of an athlete participating in a contact sport. The story unfolded in a digestible form. I was not bombarded with facts, numbers, and other details but given just enough information to convince me of the potential viability of the product. It candidly told me a solution to the pain point. In this case, the anecdotal experiences of the founder showcased the crux element of passion for the venture. Further, the pitch enticed me to complete due diligence. On doing some preliminary research, I can see a credible team that has shown a gap to exist in the market (a platform that incorporates all aspects of concussion in one place).

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  2. adriana silvestre

    Yes, I would invest in this venture. We are often trained in concussion protocols to ensure that we follow the guidelines and help students stay safe. Health check is targeting coaches and teams, but I feel that if there is an app for teachers in K-12 where it is easy to follow a checklist it would ensure that the protocol is completed as intended. Similar to the school pre-screening tool for COVID.


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  3. hasssae1

    Yes, I would invest in this venture. As someone who was a soccer coach for several years, and saw firsthand how lives were affected by concussions, I think HeadCheck can certainly be a good monitoring tool. The record keeping aspect of the business idea is what I particularly liked about this venture. Having said this, I was not convinced that HeadCheck truly “increases player safety” as claimed by the video pitch. HeadCheck appears to be more a monitoring tool for AFTER a concussion, or an injury has occurred. In my opinion, it is more a monitoring tool, with record-keeping capabilities. What I particularly liked about the video was Harrison Brown’s personal story around concussions during his Rugby days. Additionally, the idea does a decent job of pinpointing the existing gap in the market which acted as the “hook” for me and made me watch the entire 1 min and 42 sec video (actually twice). Lastly, the simplicity of the presentation was quite appealing, it was not too scientific and at the same time, was not too shallow.

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