A1 Analyst Report: Kognity

In my role as an Educational Venture Analyst, I have organized this report with the objective of critically analyzing a fast growing eBook company [Kognity] to determine if it is a good investment opportunity.

In the 21st century, there is a new demand on Education for moving from a print-based culture to a digital culture. Global competitiveness has been focusing on knowledge-based economy, communication and social networking. The new learning culture seeks an integrated approach to skills, technology and learning that recognizes that computer based devices are essential for students’ education and later employment (Jenson, Tylor, & Fisher, 2012).

In my experience, I have used Kognity for three years. Even though I was assigned as a IB DP math teacher, but I have access to other subject and all math levels. The experience was excellent especially during Covid 19 pandemic. Students can be assigned to multiple course levels for the same subject. For example, students can be granted access to Math SL and HL at the same time by their teachers.

You can view my Analyst Report herehttps://spark.adobe.com/page/jBstzjt9QfUDA/

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