In the last few years I have explored several Learning Managment Systems and have always been frustrated with their limitations and “clunky” nature for both the user and creator of learning material. For this Assignment I ventured out to find something better, that would fit my vision as a future microlearning pioneer. Watch the video for why TalentLMS is my platform of choice.

As Educational Venture Analyst I would invest in this company and recommend that education institutions in K-12 or smaller business look at this user friendly alternative to other more complex models. We are in a flux of moving between online and in person education, both parents, students and teachers need a system that is easy to navigate. This one does just that as they took the necessary functions to run educational programming and stripped away all of the complicated options few would need, although there may be cheaper options for higher user rates.

That being said this platform would be suitable for very young users because of how easy the interface is. This would alleviate extra strain on staff and parents that they all feel as they need to help young learners navigate the currently complicated Learning Management Systems. Live classrooms, videos and chats are available on TalentLMS, which makes it well suited for virtual learning.

This platform would be optimal for anyone starting an online private school, especially a new one starting out, as they can pay for a small amount of users and then scale up.

The company has a solid foundation and is always looking at how to expand their product. The founders are also investors in a variety of other ventures. Currently they are working on an even slimmer version of TalentLMS called Talentcards. Talencards was their attempt at filling in the microlearning market, but I found it a much weaker product and believe that TalenLMS is just as suitable for creating microlearning environments especially for more linear subject matter, while giving the administrator more options.

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