A1 Analyst Report: ReUp Education

Are you interested in supporting and investing in leading-edge ed-tech entrepreneurs that seek to transform learning by improving access to education? ReUp Education, a San Francisco based start-up, partners with American universities to help bring former students back to campus through targeted academic success coaching and data analytics.  Using a mix of machine learning, predictive analytics and human coaches, the company can pinpoint the “stopout” learners who are the most likely to return and coaches them through the readmission process right up to crossing the stage at graduation. Investors take note, in less than five years, ReUp Education has been the recipient of a Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation Award, raised $14.1 in Series A investments and helped over 10,000 learners re-enroll in higher education.  While ReUp Education has created a promising new venture, it has also leveraged exciting new technologies to empower a population of millions of learners that have been forgotten for far too long. To read my EVA analysis, click on the link below:


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