Analysist Report: VR Education Holdings

This is a company that is of much interest to me, thanks to their ENGAGE VR IP, as well as their interest in making educational VR games. I envision incredible learning experiences to continue to pour out from this company, especially with their recent investment deal with HTC and their proven track record to constantly push forward in the realm of Educational Technology. Their IPs are especially salient in today’s more eLearning centric state that we find ourselves in. Perhaps VR Education can be a way to bridge the gap between eLearning and Face-to-Face instruction. This is an exciting prospect to me, and I hope you enjoy my analysist report and walk away thinking likewise!

Here is My analysist report

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2 responses to “Analysist Report: VR Education Holdings”

  1. Alice Shin

    Hi, Johannes!

    I am also interested in VR Education corporate training so thank you for presenting this company both as a resource and an investment opportunity. Their platform looks amazing, and they are well positioned in the market – I’ll look further into VR Education and Engage.

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    1. johannes dirk wielenga

      Thanks for the comment, Alice! If you are interested in immersive training environments, ENGAGE is the best the technology has to offer in this space at the moment, as far as I can tell!

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