Analyst Report on Chromebooks (A1)

If you haven’t used or seen a Chromebook, you have probably at least heard of one. You can see them anywhere, from workplaces to schools, homes, and libraries. For the uninitiated, the Chromebook is a laptop that runs ChromeOS, a Linux-based operating system developed by Google. It is designed to run a more limited suite of web-based applications, most notably the Google Suite. Its main selling point is its low cost in both hardware and software, thus is popular with schools, businesses, and other institutions that have a need for a lot of cheap, basic-use laptops.

In my presentation, I review the current Chromebook market, its growth and trajectory, and its future market potential. I conduct a SWOT analysis to explore the systemic issues and competition that the Chromebook faces, and potential disruptions and changing market trends that may affect its future.

Will the Chromebook (continue to) be the go-to option for institutions looking for low-cost, easy-to-use laptops with basic functionalities? Discover in my presentation at

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  1. Alice Shin

    Hi, Yannick,

    What a fun, creative and fresh approach to presenting your thoughts and recommendations for Chromebook. I enjoyed the presentation, thank you!

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  2. sarka kubelikova

    I enjoyed reading your post . Our board has invested in many chromebooks, but as mentioned in your findings they have many limitations, some staff were given chromebooks to be able to conduct virtual lessons, but struggle due to the vast limitations of this type of technology. Our art program has a separate apple lab to be able to do all of the fancy editing that chromebooks can not support, but the cost disparity between the two is huge.

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