Analyst Report on Graphy

When opportunity came knocking with an invitation to create interactive books on a new platform, Graphy, I was intrigued and needed to learn more. After my first meeting with Graphy the curiosity of the Educational Venture Analyst in me was peeked. As I discovered, Graphy is not so much of an interactive book crafting platform, but rather a mobile learning app with a unique twist. So when invited down the rabbit hole, I responded with a “Yes, please.”

Learn what I uncover down the rabbit hole in this Analyst Report on Graphy.

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  1. Alice Shin

    Hi, Erica!

    Your contributions are incredibly creative and original. So basically, Graphy is looking for storytellers to create content for their platform and they split the compensation with the content creator who owns the asset developed. Very interesting indeed, I’ll take a look at their platform. And what an honour for you to be asked to be a Grapher 🙂

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    1. Erica Hargreave

      Thanks Alice. I am fortunate in that I am connected to a community which shares a number of newer things out there, so while I still feel perpetually behind and like I need to be aware of and learn so much more, I am fortunate to be exposed to a number of newer technologies and platforms.

      Graphy’s use of the words ‘story’ and ‘storytellers’ is somewhat misrepresented. I do believe in exploring the company and some of their language, that they love stories, and I do believe that some of the best educators tell a story and take students on a journey with the content that they teach. Having said that, what Graphy is ultimately looking for here are educators – whether intuitive, self taught educators or professional ones. As what they are looking for those educators to create is an interactive course or if we are sticking with the book theme of Graphy’s – an interactive textbook. And yes, Graphy and the educator split compensation on the Graphies, with the larger percent going to the educator, who owns the content.

      If you want to start experimenting with creating a Graphy, they gave me code to refer potential new Graphers:

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  2. Alice Shin

    I have to admit I’m curious, so will check out the link, thanks, Erica!

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    1. Erica Hargreave

      You are most welcome, Alice. As often happens in a new venture, Graphy’s had some changes since I wrote this. Most notable is that rather than a pay per course model, they are now moving to a subscription model, making it like Netflix for mobile courses. This means that instructor pay structure has change to paying instructors a percent of user’s monthly subscriptions when their Graphies are accessed.

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