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Community of Learning – Open Digital Badges for professional development of Educators.  With over 128 000 teachers in the province of Ontario, the tracking of specific skills sets can be a challenging task.  Every year educators are continuously learning and increasing their skill sets.  Their learning often goes unrecognized and unnoticed as there is a continuous movement of educators and administrators within the board.  Our digital badge system will not only make learning visible, but will allow for greater efficiency for schools and school boards when it comes to planning and development.

Our Badges also have the added benefit of allowing greater transparency in the system as teachers can plan their own learning and leadership journeys by seeing exactly what credentials are needed for specialized assignments within a school board.

Listen to our elevator pitch or flip through our venture pitch slide deck to learn more about our venture.

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Sarka,
    Thank you for your venture project and I really like the idea of digital badges. Having a standardized way to evaluate one’s competency is important especially when relocation is a common trend happening in the school system. Something resonates with me is when you talked about how much time and effort can be focused on implementing new projects instead figuring out each team member’s skill.
    One thing you probably have mentioned and that I missed is whether your company will also create own learning content for professional development or Community of Learning will be on recognizing training held by the third party? Credibility is an important factor in digital badges and investors would feel confident knowing that the skill set being recognized is done by creditable organizations.
    Your relevant professional background helps to give you that authentic voice and investors would trust you utilize the experience you have with unions and school boards to identify most needed skills.
    Great work!

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  2. sundeep lail

    Hi Sarka,
    This is a really interesting venture and you made some really strong points as to why it is a great concept.
    A couple of things that may help. Your 1 minute elevator pitch is titled “venture pitch” in the Youtube video. I got a little confused about that.
    Also, you may want to make the slides into a video, or something where I don’t have to click on each slide. Also in slide 4 your title is “Who Are am I”
    I am not in the K-12 system, so this idea of badging is new to me, it might be nice to have a bit of a background, or a problem page for those who don’t know anything about this system.
    Good luck on this!

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  3. sarka kubelikova

    I have updated thanks for the feedback!

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