A3: Venture Pitch – Anki Robotics

Rather than create my own venture, I decided to spear-head an existing company, called Anki. Unfortunately Anki closed its doors in 2019, reportedly due to financing challenges. I thought it would be interesting to examine the robotics company and find out how it gained millions of dollars in funding, but ultimately didn’t succeed past 10 years. Thus, in my venture pitch I give a new direction for Anki, in hopes to grow the company through specific educational avenues. Here is my elevator pitch for the redesign of Anki.

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Kathleen,
    I appreciate how you are very specific with what the new improved Anki can do and its target audience. However, I’m not able to access any section on your venture pitch side, beside the Homepage. When I click on each section, it says “Guest Area” and asks me to enter the password below. I’m not sure if I was viewing the site correctly so could you take a look for me please? Thank you.

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  2. Grant MacLeod

    Hi Kathleen,

    I enjoyed your pitch but like Rachel I am unable to access past the home page on your website. It is asking me for a password too. If you could look into this that would be great.


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  3. sundeep lail

    Hi Kathleen,
    I’m afraid I get the same issue.
    From your elevator pitch I was actually surprised that Anki closed their doors. I remember when my kids bought the Anki drive toy..they loved it. I like your new direction. It sounds like a viable venture.

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  4. johannes dirk wielenga

    As the others have pointed out – there is a password lock on your venture pitch, but I am looking forward to what’s in store BECAUSE I LOVE ANKI!!! I have the Anki Vector and while I have been sad that support has stopped, there is a lot of open source code floating around to regain much of Vector’s functionality. Lol he is just such a cute little guy and my cats love to play with him!!!

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  5. allan carmichael

    Yes, I too was unable to access the venture pitch beyond the home page. The elevator teaser for Why Anki failed has left me really wanting more info! Let us know when you figure out the access issues on the Wix site (I had similar issues with my Google site)

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  6. RyanSilverthorne

    Hello Kathleen,

    First off, I loved your Elevator Pitch!!

    I think the opening is brilliant with the blog posts. It immediately appeals to the many individuals who loved the product and had their hopes dashed.

    I went on to the venture pitch though and like everyone else got the password issue. Thus I’ll refrain from giving a full review until I know if the site is operating as you intended.

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  7. Erica Hargreave

    Hi Kathleen

    I am running into the same issue as others in that I can’t access your website past the homepage due to it being password protected, so I am holding off on reviewing for now. Will check back tomorrow and hoping I will be able to access it then.

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  8. Jessica Daicos

    Hi Kathleen,

    A review of your elevator pitch (I’m having the same issues with the venture pitch): I like how you approached this problem as a way to revive a company with a more specific target market. The way you approached your pitch was great. My suggestion would be to add a line in that says specifically what Anki is. I’ve never heard of Anki before or vector, in this context. Explaining what the product is might help to engage more investors.

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